An artist from China, Xie Jiankun has been migrating between China and United States since 2005. In his on-going series of “SKIN: NOWHERE IN SOMEWHERE”, he depict the skin as a metaphor of the surface of city and the urbanity of urbanism. Especially in some of his photographs of the amazingly transforming country, China, is untamedly overiding the world like a sparking comet. "...All we are waiting is for the quiet explosion." as he said. The poetic tranquility he strives for enables the viewer to experience a meditative state in the process of looking at his works.

Xie Jiankun graduated from Syracuse University the MFA program in photography. He had his first solo exhibition in Syracuse in 2006. He has recieved the 2007 Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant and the residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida, U.S.A.

His most recent work was selected by the 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago.