Losing Mnemonwhitestatement
  I give viewers the chance to distinguish the recognized elements in my photographs. Everyone is receiving, filtering, responding the visual information through the eyes, the brain in every second. It is very possible that one can engrave some images of memories deep in his/her mind. But, after time passes, he/she can never portray every hair of the figure and project them again. The memories, the images of the memory and the visual sensation are going to be fade away and disappear whatever they used to be clear and sharp. By some chances, one may imagine the “same” scene again. But it’s not the same as the very first beginning, even in the dream. Time changed everything and nothing would come back and get clear again.

Presenting the out of focus of the memory and the fading color of the sentiment, on the images and the impression of an object, a person, a city, or a scene, I ask myself, “Can you recall everything?”

I can not. My mnemons are losing.

*[ Mnemon - Greek, a unit of memory ]

Solo exhibition at SPARK, 2006